Herbal Remedies

About PuOre

extracting nature's health

We're passionate about your health and our planet. We're on a journey to bring you a range of life balancing food supplements that are all extracted from what mother nature has stored away for us.

We've launched our new venture with a fantastic range of organic 100% natural CBD Oils.

As we search the world and discover life changing new extracts we'll be launching more exciting products in the future.


Understanding our CBD oils

the science behind our range

CBD oils and extracts have been around for some time now with more and more research being released everyday. We've dug deep into the knowledge that surrounds our CBD product range and would like to share with you what we now know both on a scientific and holistic level.

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We've put every effort into making our products and packaging as environmentally conscious as possible.


All our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.