Understand more about what we do here at PuOre

We're passionate about your health and our planet. We're on a journey to bring you a range of life balancing food supplements that are all extracted from what mother nature has stored away for us.

We've launched our new venture with a fantastic range of organic 100% natural CBD Oils.

As we search the world and discover life changing new extracts we'll be launching more exciting products in the future.

Working with our partners in Europe we're able to bring you the cleanest, purest plant extractions. Our final extracts have a high content of active bio components and at the same time preserve the character of the natural material. No syntheses or chemical reactions are employed in our process.


We use supercritical CO2 extraction, which is a high-tech extraction process in which extraction is performed in a supercritical state of CO2 behaving as a liquid but with a diffusivity and surface tension as a gas, making it a very efficient penetration and extraction media. Applying high pressures and low temperatures, we very precisely extract and save all the extract that a plant has. Beneficial biological ingredients, which are often lost in other extraction methods, are preserved and the result is a pure, powerful, and natural extract.


The unique variability of the parameters of the CO2 process means that these can be individually adapted to each task and the active substances can thus be extracted and fractioned as necessary. In this way, high concentrations of the active substances for natural healing purposes can be acquired after a single step and without harmful solvents. 


As mentioned we've launched our product range with the highest quality CBD oils. To find out more about the science behind these please visit our CBD Knowledge page here