6 Super Simple Ways to Make Your Life Greener

Have you ever considered making the changes that you need to make to make life more sustainable? Living life a little greener is not a bad thing, and in fact, it could be the most positive thing you do for the year ahead. We each contribute to the impact we have on the planet. Sure, our contribution isn't as immense as the companies and factories fracking, pumping waste into the oceans and adding pollution to the sky, but every little helps! There are so many things that you may be doing day to day that harms the environment, and perhaps you don't even know it.

The critical thing is to examine how you live your life day to day, and spot where you can make the essential changes. You have to consider your mode of transport, how you shop, the way you store your food and more. Once you can pinpoint where you can make changes, take baby steps. It takes time to unlearn certain behaviours, and you need to make your life greener without going red in the face at the same time. So, with that in mind, we're going to explore six super simple ways you can add a touch of sustainability to your life.

  • Drive less!

We won't tell you to stop driving all the time, but you do need to look at how often you are using your car. Commuting, heading to the shops, the random drives to go places in the next town? It's time to slow it down. The benefits to the environment are one thing, but the health benefits are excellent, too. If you stop driving so much, you're going to be able to get your steps in every day. You're going to improve your heart health, breathe better as you get fitter and stop using so much petrol. If you start to walk more and drive less, you're also going to see how quickly you stop hammering money into the car's petrol tank. You'll save money, and you'll shrink your carbon footprint - it's a rare win-win!

  • Shop Locally

Have you ever considered the environmental cost of the food you eat on the planet? Mass production, mass farming, tons of packaging, and the cost of machinery used to package and create those food items all add up. When you shop locally, you support local farmers and local growers and are less likely to use packaged options. Self-service in grocery shops often leads to using paper bags instead of plastic, too. Shopping locally supports your community and saves you money on petrol to ship your food to stores, and you pay less all around. It's good for the wallet, and it's great for the environment around you.

  • Let Go Of Unnecessary Plastics

Take a look around the rooms in your house. How much plastic are you using every day? Half the time, we don't even notice how much we're actually using; we just think we are using the right amount. However, if you're using plastic wrap and freezer bags, shampoo bottles, food cartons - all of these plastics are sitting around your house, and you're paying for them every time you do a grocery shop. How many of these plastics can you swap out for alternatives that are free of any plastics? Plenty of people swap from the mainstream grocery stores to smaller and local chains just to be able to bring their own containers and fill up on foods they want. It's a great way to be more eco-friendly, and you're saving the environment from added trash.

  • Grow Your Own Food

This particular option is going to help you to make life greener very quickly. Growing your own food can include fruit and vegetables, and you'll do more than go green for the world, too. You will improve your mental health when you spend time in the garden, and the sense of achievement that comes with having your own vegetable patch is immense. If you want to go one better, you can always get chickens in the garden and have fresh eggs whenever you want. Adding growing your own food to shopping locally for meat, dairy and other items mean that you can save more money, too. You get total control when you grow your own fruit and vegetables, so if there's a particular vegetable you want to grow, you can learn when the best growing times are and then go from there.

  • Choose Natural & Compostable Where You Can

Biodegradable carrier bags and natural cleaning products are better for your skin, better for your wallet and better for the world around you. Did you know that most natural cleaning products can be made from things in your own pantry? Lemons, baking soda, white vinegar: it can all be found around the house, and it can all be used to make the best cleaners that are kind to use. You don't have to protect your hands with gloves as much (though you can), and you don't have to worry about polluting the air with toxic chemicals. As for biodegradable carrier bags, you can buy these and when they reach the end of their life - after much reusing! - you can bet that they won't negatively affect the environment. There are always products that are less harmful to the environment out there, so choose those first.

  • Support Eco-Conscious Companies

If you want to make a more significant difference to the world, then you need to look into which companies are conscious of the world around them. For example, using companies that test products on animals isn't ethical, and if those companies are not willing to make changes to be more ethical, then it's time to shop elsewhere. You could also look at companies just like PuOre CBD for your CBD needs. Sustainability is the aim, and when you choose companies that believe that, too, it's a great way to ensure your money is spent wisely. There is no sense in wasting your money with a business who doesn't support the environment in the way that you are trying to do. Any profitable business will dictate it's eco-friendly aims on its website, so start there and make good choices.

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