Sustainability in an unsustainable world

Whether you are trying to approach a sustainable way of life as an individual, or you're giving it a go as a business, you will feel like all eyes are on you. Everywhere we look, we see signs to recycle, to reduce our waste, to walk to work instead of driving. The message of sustainability is pushing it at all sides - precisely as it should be! We are given a considerable privilege to walk on this Earth and have a life on it, and we are spending too much time ignoring all the signs that we need to take a step back and look at how we are living.

Living a sustainable life involves many different things. There are SO many ways that you can be more environmentally friendly in your actions day to day, and while it can seem like a huge change to make, it's really the little things that are going to make a massive difference to the world. For example, you may have seen report after report about single-use plastics and how they disrupt our environment and cause harm to our animals. Over time, single-use plastics are slowly starting to phase out, and it's about time, too. Investing in reusable packaging is going to cut the amount of waste in the world massively. So we have to all be as responsible as we can about sustainable living. It's a challenge in a world that is mostly unsustainable, but it can be done.

With that in mind, we're going to take a look at some of the more straightforward ways you can live a better, more sustainable life.

Reusable Containers

It's very easy to use cling wrap and plastic bags for the freezer when you want to save your food, but it's even easier to invest in reusable containers. Plastic bags like that always go to the landfill, as do the plastic sacks at the grocery store. Most food stores are now charging people for plastic bag use, or they have switched to paper bags and charging for reusable, heavy-duty bags instead. Keeping some of these bags in the car is a smart idea when you want to go shopping and not pay for extra bags. Reusable fabric bags are an excellent idea for your day to day shopping, and when you are out for lunch, using reusable plastic containers is the better thing to do. Fewer items of waste in public trash bins means fewer items heading to the landfill.

It's A Modern World

Energy is the biggest thing that we waste every single day, and we need to slow down how much of that we use - mostly from energy sources that aren't renewable. We have the luxury of using solar panels to power our heat and electricity these days, literally harnessing the sun's power with panels on the roof. This is one of the most modern ways to save energy in the home. The demands of the modern world mean that we use the internet and electricity every single day. If we want to save energy, we need to access the internet without buying every iPad or smartphone model that comes into circulation. Using our phones for as long as possible before we upgrade, we can stop all of the technology going to landfill. You can now also recycle smartphones and technology, including computers! This is a better way to remain sustainable.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Ah, the three "R's" of sustainability! While we live in a world that isn't overly sustainable, you will find that we are getting better at reducing our waste by upping our recycling and our reuse efforts. We spend far more time filling the recycling bins every week and ensuring that we buy less packaging. We're also utilizing upcycling websites such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace to sell or give away the things that we no longer use or need. This isn't just helping the planet, but the community, too.

Reusable Straws

Do you remember the articles across the news where plastic straws were banned? You can still find silicone straws, of course, but most straws in public restaurants and bars are now made of recycled and reinforced paper. Reusable straws were a big part of the UN's sustainability goals list, and it's rare to find plastic straws anywhere now. You can buy metal and bamboo straws in the shops these days, too, for home use.

Growing Vegetables

Much of the energy that is consumed comes from the food production industry. From mass farming to packaging and ensuring that food goes to the public in one piece, many people choose to grow their own vegetables, no matter how small their veggie garden is. When you choose to do this, you no longer have to worry about being a part of mass production! You can eat fresh, organic veggies from your own garden.

No More Cling Wrap

We mentioned cling wrap earlier, but it does deserve its own section. We talked about single-use plastics and how they were not sustainable, so one of the best alternatives that have recently flourished is beeswax wraps. Everywhere you look online sells beautifully patterned beeswax wraps that are reusable for sandwiches and rolls. It's biodegradable, too, so once it's served its purpose, it doesn't go straight to landfill and clog up the planet. You can add beeswax wraps to compost instead, which makes a big difference to how it's used over time.

Each of these steps is super simple if you are trying to remain sustainable. It doesn't take very much money to make the positive changes that will really count, and if you want to check your lifestyle and change the way you live, try these tips first. Choosing environmentally-friendly companies to source products from is the first step. Smaller, eco-conscious companies such as PuOre lead the way in sustainability and environmentally-friendly CBD. There are many more companies out there doing their best to become more sustainable, no matter what. Find the right ones, and you will be making the best decision for your future.

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